Forgot the camera, DRAT!!! We had the whole family there, and I had rousing arguments with all, well, I don’t think I argued with Mike Steckelberg, but he’s ever so reasonable, as is RPU’s Greg Woodworth. Bob Cupit was there, and Al Mitchell representing the former staff of the agency formerly known as the EQB, and did I mention Chuck Micheal was there? At one time it was a delightful feeding frenzy of sorts, with 7 engineers trying to convince me I don’t have a clue, but that just doesn’t work, and is sheer entertainment for me. A guy from ATC was, in all seriousness, ever so earnestly, trying to tell me that the SW line, connecting into the SE line, was going to be running electricity from Hamption Corners NORTH to the metro, HELLO, NORTH??? Do I really look that stupid? And the ATC guy seemed offended that I would suggest they’re building the LaCrosse to Columbia, WI line, he said he didn’t know anything about it, I said DUH, it’s in the WRAO report, and that was 1998! This has all been planned for so long, it’s nothing new, but the wet-behind-the-ears whippersnappers didn’t know.
My major point today was that “it’s all connected,” and of course they don’t want to admit that. They did not include the CapX2020 in the maps that were enclosed with the meeting notice, and so there was no way for someone ot know if they were in transmission’s way! I really, really object to that, I think that much got through to Al, but that’s about it… well, that and my dogs combined weigh 30 lbs more than he thought. The poor new guys from Cap X, Randy, and ATC, Pam Rassmussen was probably glad she had nothing to do with it.

The Red Wing area was well represented, moi of course, and Phil, counsel at Prairie Island, and Kay from the City of Red Wing. I’m thrilled that they’re paying attention, and hope they’ll stick with it and follow this transmission mess as it winds through the process.

So I’ve got to submit comments, yawn, as if anyone gives a rodent’s rump (when I stopped at Chuck & Don’s tonight, this woman who had worked at the Shelter when Krie was there, and now runs a grooming shop in town, she had her pet hairless rat and a litter, probably at least 12, baby rats. eeeeeeeuw. That hairless rat was so gross). Here’s the summation of today’s meeting:

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