Xcel agreement delayed

October 24th, 2006

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Xcel agreement delayed

The Republican Eagle – 10/24/2006

Red Wing City Council members decided to wait to make their final decision on a multi-year property tax agreement with Xcel Energy.

After being informed by a resident that only the even pages of a stabilization agreement between the city and the utility were made available to the public, the body voted to table the item. Documents distributed to council members also lacked odd-numbered pages, resident Carol Overland told the body during the public comment period.

Though City Attorney Jay Squires said the issue wouldnâ??t pose a legal problem, some council members werenâ??t as comfortable.

â??How do you make a good decision without all the information in front of you?â? Council member John Key said.

Finance Director Marshall Hallock stressed that the document was â??essentially no differentâ? than similar drafts put before the council. There were, however, some â??minor clarificationsâ? in the final document.

Hallock couldnâ??t immediately say whether those clarifications were on the missing pages.Â

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