So here we’ve been dealing with this Mesaba application for about a year now, the DOE’s EIS Scoping hearing was one year ago next week, and all along there’s been, EXPRESSLY, no intent of carbon capture and/or sequestration — NO INTENT! Suddenly, in the Rebuttal Testimony, they have a “Plan for Carbon Capture and Sequestration.”

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Things change, there’s a “plan,” and what a plan it is…

Here’s the Rebuttal Testimony of Ed Steadman:

Here’s Rebuttal Testimony of Wolk:

Here’s the Rebuttal Testimony of Richard Stone:
And here’s the weirdest part — “Plan for Carbon Capture and Sequestration” (I had to cut it in two parts because it refused to upload).

Color me jaundiced, but what a crock. And now we’ve got to waste our time reading this and picking it apart, fighting to make it all public information. Plus they hired some gorilla in the store room to bend the notebook rings so they don’t close, can’t read it without blowing a gasket every attempted page turn… OK, guys, get ready, I’s a pickin’ with surgical precision. Oh, hey, I’ve got a better idea… why don’t we just pump it up… ah… oh… ah… nevermind, it’d just be released again… ppppppppffffffbbbbbbbbbbtttttt.. Look! There goes Tom Micheletti propelled into the stratosphere! Both our Co2 and Mesaba problem solved! (Special thanks to a certain party, whose name I can’t recall,for her sequestration advice!)

So now I’ve got it in a real notebook that works, a hot cup of Sleepytime Tea, with visions of CO2 pumping stations and store room gorillas dancing in my head…



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