Last night’s rally in Winona

October 17th, 2006


Last night’s rally in Winona was great — packed house, lots of energy, it feels secure — it feels like taking most of Southern Minnesota, the Senate seat and the Gov’s office is within reach or even, dare I say it, a happen’ thang! This gathering had the most real, and least delusional feel of any I’ve been to, due in large part to Tim Walz, a solid regular guy who is giving Gutknecht a run for his money and who can win. Polls say they’re in a dead heat, so give him a few more days and he’ll tip the scales.

Here’s the story in the Winona paper:

Garrison Keillor draws crowd at DFL eventÂ

And Czechomor —

I’ve got these unknown and haunting hook lines floating around in my brain’s tape loop. Don’t read the liner notes though, yes, much is in quirkily percussive minor keys so there is fair warning, but you don’t need to know what it all means, that’s just too much depressing sturm & drang!


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