T. Boone Pickens , a/k/a AWA Goodhue Wind, a/k/a Mesa Power, is at it again, and here come the helicopters!


First, let’s take a look-see at the Complaint that AWA Goodhue served on Belle Creek Township, the little township that could, and CAN, and DOES:

AWA Goodhue v. Belle Creek Township

Monday, the Township had a meeting where they were to discuss the road agreement that’s in negotiations right now.  The Township controls township roads, and AWA’s project would require a lot of road upgrading to support the very heavy trucks and cranes, meaning that the roadbed has to be made a lot deeper, meaning that corners have to be filled in so that trucks can get around the corners, culverts could easily be damaged by the weight, and this is something within the township’s jurisdiction.  And the day after the Monday meeting, AWA Goodhue serves the Town Board Chair with a Complaint!  Here’s what AWA wants:


How’s that for a punch line?!?!  So the Township shouldn’t have any say over the roads, the Township isn’t able to protect its interests?  Right… we shall see!

And as that’s happening, I started getting calls about very low flying airplanes, startling cows and horses, and residents too!  One scared a calf, which climbed over its stall and ran off — they were able to get it, and were lucky it was not injured as it climbed over.  Then today, it’s helicopters, with horses running every which way, windows rattling:


AWA Goodhue’s attorney did admit they were “their” aircraft.  We got the number, N144BH, which “upon information and belief” is owned by  “Brainerd Helicopter Service.”  AWA Goodhue’s attorney says that they’re doing avian work as specified by their (filed yesterday) Avian and Bat Protection Plan (ABPP), which states:untitled

You tell me, does this look like 200 feet?  And anyway, exactly how is this the ABPP last word on anything?


Suffice it to say, the Sheriff is on it, and they’ve called in the FAA, apparently the FAA inspector is on it too.

3 Responses to “AWA Goodhue “swiftboating” Belle Creek Township!”

  1. Rick Conrad Says:

    I observed the helicopter today. It flew north along County Seven, speed was in excess of 100 mph. It returned flying south about five minutes later. It passed almost directly over Sheriff McNurlin’s yard headed south. The helicopter had a protrubence attached to the lower front end. A rod or antenna several meters long angled down about 15 degrees from level on the helicopter. The helicopter flew pitched forward at such an angle the “antenna” was angled 30 or more degrees from the horizon. The helicopter appeared to be between 120 feet to 150 feet off the ground. The helicopter reappeared again about another five minutes later headed north over County Road Eight. I did not see it again after that.
    Unless they have some very sophisticated detection equipment I don’t see how they can spot eagles flying at the same altitude that eagles frequent at that speed they are less likely to spot them visually. If anything they are more likely to literally run into eagles before they see them. Rick

  2. Rick Conrad Says:

    Should these aviation complaints be fied with local sheriff or with the FAA? How does on go about filing a complaint with FAA?

  3. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Rick – I’d contact the sheriff, it’s my understanding that they’ve called in FAA, but that said, I’d google FAA and find the nearest office and call in and ask them.

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