New office almost ready…

August 29th, 2011

I’ve been busy, glad for the state shutdown and a pause in a couple of big cases… and then there’s the time needed to recover from huffin’ the stripper, mineral spirits, and finish.  Tearing up the upstairs rugs is what got me laryngitis from dust, mold, cat piss, and whatever — NEVER AGAIN!!!  And special thanks to Billy & Steve for the beautiful job on the floors, what a difference!  More Before and Afters as we get it done, kitchen is next.  But first, back to work, gotta pay for all this somehow!

Before – Isn’t this blue, more darker blue and purple oppressive?  The whole house was like that, serious depression issues, no doubt!  Living room is so dark green that we need lights 24/7, not a workable premise, anyway, here’s the BEFORE:







What’s left?  I still have to strip the ugly flat purple paint off the quarterround, finish it and nail it in, but that’s less than a day’s work, and then haul the auction-procured furniture in, and move in box after box after box after box after box of utility permit crap, good thing most of it goes in a BIG closet in the other room, and good thing I’m not hauling it all over (though I am doing major winnowing) (don’t worry, Xcel, I’m not tossing out all your smoking guns!).  Note the Summer-grrrrrrl spec’d “Black & Tan” plastic area rug, just have to toss it out the door and hose it off on the roof.

Kitchen before:



So far, it’s scraped and patched, almost ready to get rid of MORE awful blue, begging for a light yellow to perk it up, and that big area on the right, that former island cabinet is gone, replaced by two 1920’s base units, cleaned up, sanded, buffed and restored exterior and ready to paint the insides and screw together, and a nice 8 foot long butcher block counter on top, with some “Julia” pegboard and pot rack above.

Front bedroom in progress:


SURPRISE – MORE AND DIFFERENT SHADES OF BLUE!!!!  The wall in the photo on the left is now a big archway into the “nursery” (yeah, right, we sure need that!) to open it up and the oppressive dark blue is lightening up, whew, it was so awful in there.  The carpet and padding is torn out and fueling the Red Wing incinerator (AAAAAAAGH!), all the thousands of nails and staples are out, the floors are sanded and finished, the walls are now antique white, and the woodwork is in the process of being stripped, but that job will suck, not nearly as easy as in that back room.

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