Christine Ziebold and family moved to Iowa last month. Just before she left, I was able to introduce her to Ed Anderson, the Grand Rapids doctor who is testifying in the Excelsior Power Purchase Agreement case. Why should they know each other? Because in July, a report that she co-authored was released. “The Price of Pollution” addresses the dollar costs of the medical/health costs of pollution, in the case of coal plants, problems such as increased asthma, cardiovascular problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (emphysema), and then there’s all the neurological problems associated with mercury. The report was sponsored by Institute for Ag and Trade Policy and Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy — now someone explain to me why MCEA didn’t introduce “The Price of Pollution” into evidence in EITHER Mesaba or Big Stone! If they don’t use it, shouldn’t they give all the money back to the Bush Foundation? Anyway, Christine’s report was just the right thing at the right time. She’s reviewed Ed’s testimony, and said, “It is splended! Absolutely wonderful!”

In case you missed the link to Christine’s report, here it is again:

The Price of Pollution

And here’s Ed Anderson, M.D.’s testimony, in case you missed that:

Rebuttal Testimony of Ed Anderson

And here’s Christine and baby Matthias at Devonian Park, Lake Coralville, practicing flying — for some reason, he’s been doing this a lot lately, so she’s been encouraging him as he prepares to make that big leap into adulthood!


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