Xcel Energy’s Hiawatha Transmission Project moves forward.

Recently, Comments and Reply Comments were due in this “informal” Certificate of Need proceeding.  All the intervening parties in the routing docket have been sitting on their hands, or worse (I hope not, but why the silence?).  So when only MOES filed “Comments” I filed Reply Comments, because theirs were SOOOOO… soooooo… well, read them yourself, they’re in INITIAL comments recommending that the Certificate of Need be approved, shouldn’t they at least make it look better by waiting to see what comes in before declaring that it should be approved?!?!?!  … and the basis, well, it’s just absurd:

MOES – Comments and Recommendation

Here’s what I filed — I don’t have a dog in the fight, no client, no direct interest, but I cannot stand it when there’s NO response, NO filings, it’s just not right, and that’s when I get twitchy that somebody is pulling a fast one, and others did join in:

Overland Reply Comment

Johnson Reply Comments

Johnson – Reply Comment Attachment

City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County Reply Comments

Suburban Rate AuthorityReply Comments – LATE

Xcel Reply Comments

And then MOES has the last word, complaining that Xcel’s aren’t allowed under the PUC Rules of Practice in Minn. R. ch 7829!

MOES Comments and Recommendation

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