Color me pissy, but will someone please explain Rowley’s position on… oh, say… energy… or education… or environment… or EVERYTHING? That is, anything but the war, we’ve got that one figured out. Look at the Colleen Rowley website. There are no position papers posted, no issues statements. It’s even worse than before when there were lame statements and she was doing things like conflating “decreasing dependence on foreign oil” with “wind generation” and some such. Back then, of course, I went straight to the horse’s mouth, we had a few go rounds, I spoke with her in person too, I spent quite a bit of time sending off basic information on electrical generation and transmission == hey, 2nd Congressional District is home to a nuclear plant up for relicensing. NADA! I heard from an FBI buddy of hers who was working on position papers, and now that they’ve had a lot of time to deal with it, to do something, nada. I’m getting a lot of email on Rowley doorknocks, lit drops, events, but

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  1. Sean Hayford O'Leary Says:

    Heh. You’re right, her site needs to be filled with those more descriptive, bold, and daring positions like “Educating our Kids and Preparing Them for the Jobs of Tomorrow” and “Defending the Values that Make Minnesota Great.”

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