This month’s National Geographic has a great article, Drilling in the West, that you’ve got to check out. There’s a photo in it of a woman holding a glass of “water” that reminds me of my Waseca client and what sometimes comes out of her faucets, her neighbors’ faucets too… it seems no one is considering the impacts of moving around the Mt. Simon aquifer to pump in SEVEN BILLION CUBIC FEET of gas, it’s certainly not part of the Waseca County Water Plan.

There’s also an on-line overview of the National Geographic story that’s worth a look.

From the narration:

… this is a money thing. There’s a lot of money out there in the ground, and the drilling companies want at it. Now, I burn natural gas in my home, many many people do. We need natural gas. But I can’t help but get the feeling that there’s nothing off limits now. So I guess the big question is, what price are we willing to pay truly for our energy? There’s a lot more to it than dollars and cents…

Here’s where the natural gas is stored in the northeast part of Waseca County, the very south west corner of Rice County and the very south east corner of LeSueur County: Download file

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