Oh, am I gonna be crabby today…

September 26th, 2006


I realized a month ago or so that this is the first time I’ve not been hit with a serious rash of poison ivy, silly me! NEVER think such thoughts. Last night, after letting the dogs out, also after cleaning up the leaves that had accumulated in my office (the “poopdeck” and the dogs’ “yard” around it is right off my door here), the whole side of my face started itching. It’s great living here on the bluff, but it’s look, don’t touch. Given my prior experiences, I won’t even venture up there to clean brush, and I sure won’t go up there to plant anything ever again, did that my first year here and oh, what a mistake, never again. Anyway, the good news is there’s a store here now that carries rhus tox, the bad news is that they’re not open ’til 10. Here’s the scoop on rhus tox. Necessary stuff for life on a bluff full of poison ivy!

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