As if a cell phone, green leather loveseat, camera USB cord, air filter A/C cord, shoes, boxes of pens, funky-patterned couch, utility knife holder (!), chair cushion, roll after roll of toilet paper, highlighter all over off-white throw, rug, another rug, doggy bed, comforter, several dozen socks, oh, and did I mention TWO couches???, as if that isn’t enough, oh, our dear little puppy really did it this time…

Alan’s working on the pantry, I’m hoping to get the washer off the deck soon, assuming we can find it out there in all the snow… and after sawing off a 2×4, went into the kitchen.  Ginger cheezecake was sitting out, THREE ginger cheezecakes were sitting out, and he didn’t put up the babygate, and Little Miss Counter Surfer ran in, from the kitchen all the way back in the office I heard the distinct sound of cheezecake going down, yelled “NO!” and ran in, it had hit the deck, cracked in a few pieces, Sadie headed under the dining room table, and Alan picked up what was left… as I put the gate up, she stood there, neck stretched out and snout against the edge, licking her lips… MORE PLEASE!!!  Dear Little Sadie…  MORE?  You want MORE???  YOU ATE 90% OF IT!


And she picked the too brown one that I was saving for US!  Oh, the little bitch… I am SO mad…


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