Camp Wolfgang is back?!?!

October 10th, 2010


This is Vera, a beautiful dog up for adoption at Camp Wolfgang, a German Shepherd Rescue in Ennis, Texas.

Camp Wolfgang… sound familiar?

Just one year ago, they were closing amid reports of budget shortfalls and health issues,  and there was a frenetic and successful effort to find rescues and homes for over 200 dogs.

If you google “Camp Wolfgang” and “Texas” you’ll get last year’s articles about it.  The old website is still down, but there’s a Camp Wolfgang Petfinder site now.

I sent an email asking what’s up, and he’s got 15 dogs with someone to care for them.  I’m glad he’s able to keep at it on a smaller scale.  There are SO many GSDs who need homes, and who need a rescue to care for them until they’re “found” by their new family.

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  1. Mary (Mimi) McKeever Says:

    I felt the need to visit Camp Wolfgang today..and there are GSDs plus a few assorted other orphans in residence. I adopted two Campers several years ago. “Jake” the woose that has turned into a wonderful GSD. He is still a clown! Ron picked out a “man’s” giant GSD named Zeus. Everyone was afraid of him. However, he turned out to be a gentle giant! Our beloved Zeus began to have problems walking @ Christmas but managed to have a good quality of life until June. Ron used a strap to help him walk and ordered a harness, but Zeus gave up about noon on A Friday and took his last ride to the Vet. I hope we can give a home to another soon!

  2. Mary (Mimi) McKeever Says:

    OOOOOOps, that e-mail address is probably full or not working. Therefore I will add a phone:972-765-8387.

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