MAPP then… and MAPP now:


Good news on the Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway front — another continuance granted!

October 5, 2010 Order Granting Continuance

This Order gives the parties until November 30, 2010 to report in on whether a Status Conference is necessary.

Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway is a 500kV transmission line proposed for Maryland and Delaware (the New Jersey part has gone the way of the brontosaurus.  Apparently there’s a delay in the Application (well of course, delay’s appropriate and expected when something isn’t needed!).   A little birdie told me that Pepco Holdings (PHI) will probably file their updated Application for the Maryland CPCN in November, if PJM gets their act together.  The part in Maryland is a revised southern Maryland segment, the undergrounded Bay crossing and the eastern shore to the Delaware state line.

A significant part of this line will be undergrounded.

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