Way to go, Keith!!!

September 12th, 2006


Makes me miss prestigeous E. Phillips! Hope the DFL gets the message that they can’t get away with their party games.

And it looks like Paul Koering will get through too, but that’s with only 51% reporting. Sandy Wollschlager seems to be ahead but there’s very few reporting now, and Draszkowski is way behind Wilson. (Damn, turns out Draszkowski won, eeeeeeeuw)
I’ve got all of 19 (!), but my aim was to challenge the “background checks” by the City of Red Wing, and I’ve put zero effort into this, WHEW! Got word late last week that the investigation is complete, and the Goodhue Co. Sheriff has turned my Complaint over to the County Attorney. We’ll see what happens.

Up in Itasca County, the theme is “vote the bastards out!” And Tom Anzelc won despite massive Chamber of Commerce efforts supporting the Republican running against him in the DFL primary.

Nancy Prehn made it through the primary in Waseca County!

Overall, the theme is change. Now, let’s make sure that carries through!

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