The American Dream

September 1st, 2006

This came over the wire from Jonathan Larson today (see Elegant Technology – economic prosperity through environmental renewal):

Click this here link:Who really controls America

Itâ??s not gonna get fixed, itâ??s not going to get any better, because the owners of this country donâ??t want it fixedâ?¦ We know what they want, they want, they want more for themselves and less for everyone else. And Iâ??ll tell you what they donâ??t want. They donâ??t want a population capable of critical thinking, they donâ??t want well-educated people capable of critical thinking, that doesnâ??t help them. Thatâ??s against their interests.

Seems Carlin isn’t doing comedy anymore — he’s speaking the truth and it’s not at all funny.

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