March 6th, 2010


Photo from the Country News – Does MOES’ Larry Hartman have a headache?  Is he dreaming of retirement?  He IS holding on to the microphone, word has it that people such as the speaker here, Dean Bungum, weren’t given the microphone to speak.  It was standing room only for the MOES public meeting for the wind project going up on Dexter.

On March 4, Thursday, it was the same scene in Mazeppa for the Goodhue Wind Project…   Oh, the AVA Goodhue Wind Project, the names have been changed to protect … nevermind.  We don’t know why the name was changed.  But there are new people involved.  How does that change in ownership affect the already questioned C-BED status of this project?

They held the Goodhue meeting in Mazeppa?  Why?  Why not in Goodhue County?  Why not at the Goodhue Lions Club?  Why not at the Zumbrota school?  Or the Legion on 58 in the middle of town…

There are some significant deadlines in the Goodhue Wind Project.  Oh, first, to look up the dockets on PUC site:


Search for 09-1186 (Certificate of Need); 08-1233 (Siting) and 09-1349 & 09-1350 (Power Purchase Agmts)


March 15 – Comments in PPA Dockets on Xcel’s request for amendment – send to and and file on eFiling if you can.

March 26 – Comments for scope of Environmental Report for Siting & Certificate of Need – send to

March 29 – Reply Comments in PPA Dockets about others comments on Xcel’s request for amendment – send to and and file on eFiling if you can.

Holler if questions!

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