Last night after dark, I saw lights between my house and the one next door. The neighbors walk around in the dark and know where their faucet is over there, so I went out on the porch to check. There’s cops going back and forth, shining lights up the bluff between houses. “What’s up,” I ask. “We got a call, someone pushed a port-a-potty over the edge, so we’re looking for it.” Oh, OK, uh-huh…sometimes I get frisbees, beer bottles and batteries on the back deck that people chuck off the overlook, but a port-a-potty? I went out back and checked, nothing of the kind. But there’s no way anything that big could fall through the brush and big old trees all the way down. Nothing in the light of day either. I imagine today’s search and rescue will need a helicopter to fish it out.


And the storm got in the way of giving Red Wing the boot!

Storm turns day to night across the state

The storm forced Red Wing city officials to cancel the unveiling of a 4-foot-high fiberglass boot that they had planned to show off as part of a community celebration of the Red Wing Shoe Company’s 100th anniversary.

The boot, painted by city employees, is one of about 35 located at businesses around the city.

Deanna Sheely, an assistant City Council administrator, said the boot had been covered in canvas, which was to be removed in a ceremony at the bottom of the City Hall steps at 4 p.m. But once the storm hit, the city canceled the ceremony. The tarp was unceremoniously removed once the rain subsided.

“It was sort of anticlimactic,” Sheely said.


…yawn… a typical day in Red Wing!

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