Dog, dog, dog… Oh, my Dog!

August 24th, 2006


Huh… It seems I’ve been booted off the aggregator (aggravator?) list because I’ve violated their guidelines by using an expletive undeleted in the headline of a prior post! That’s verboten in their guidelines! Guidelines? What guidelines? I didn’t get any guidelines when I got the blog on April 9, 2005, I wasn’t ever sent guidelines or referred to guidelines. I never signed any agreement of any sort. I never requested to be aggregated on terms that included guidelines and for sure never requested to be aggravated! Turns out they’re posted on the site, under the headline of “Submit a blog to our Blogosphere” in the “Submit News or Pictures” section, and that was posted a couple of months ago. Apparently this wasn’t the first time I’d violated their “guidelines” and I wasn’t told then… oh, did I mention, my blog was removed without a word to me or explanation of why! No warning, no communication at all! WTF? I guess it’s “Northfield Nice” and they don’t want to know what I might have to say, might not want to be reminded that no one had ever told me that there were guidelines or where to find them. When I started, I got a blog in a short email from Griff, the site and a password, zero instruction, answers to I think three questions total, until they discontinued “hosting” blogs a couple months ago and I switched. No terms of service, no contract, no nothing…

Is this any way to run a blogosphere?





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