And just now, hot off the press… er… inbox, is notice that PEPCO has asked that the Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway, MAPP, be suspended:

PEPCO letter 1.8.09 to suspend MAPP, includes 1.8.09 letter from PJM’s Herling

They’re saying it’s because MAPP is reliant on PATH in the modeling, but they already withdrew the Indian River to Salem leg and delayed the rest due to LACK OF NEED, and now… well, we know it’s not needed.  So whatever, I just wish they’d be honest about it.

Again, remember that all three of these, PATH, MAPP, and Susquehanna-Roseland were promoted based on the 2007 RTEP, which was based on those inflated peak figures from 2006!

PJM’s 2007 RTEP

Here’s the sensitivity analysis from PATH that is applicable to other projects:

PATH – Cover letters & sensitivity analysis

Transmission falling like dominos in a hurricane… I love it when this happens!

6 Responses to “PEPCO wants to suspend MAPP proceedings”

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  2. Tom Mabry Says:

    Thanks. The step is rationing. Blackouts and brownouts. The electrical grid on Delmarva has been on the bubble for years. But is guess it is better that we save the environment then live in comfortable homes.

  3. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Don’t thank me! Thank PJM and PEPCO for recognizing that demand has gone down so far that it isn’t needed anytime soon, and thankfully we will not have to pay for something that isn’t needed. Their studies show the claimed constraints are history. Read the studies, they’re posted above, and you’ll see.

  4. Arlene Markell Says:

    Hooray!! Maybe the landowners out here in rural Minnesota, who are about to be trampled to death by these wealthy power conglomerates, still have a fighting chance. If they want the power out east, they should find it in “their own backyards.”

  5. Carol A. Overland Says:

    An important part of this is that they DON’T want it out east, 10 governors got together and let the Midwest know that they don’t need it, don’t want it and to keep their coal transmission to themselves! So if the “market” says NO, maybe CapX and JCSP will see there’s no point in building it!

  6. Legalectric » Blog Archive » MAPP line goes for FEDERAL LOAN GUARANTEES Says:

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