June 18th, 2005

FYI – for those of you not checking the comments:


Mike’s disclosure was in his letter — it was the Northfield News that edited out his disclosure that Governor Pawlenty signs his checks as Assistant Commissioner of Commerce for Renewable Energy and Advanced Technologies from his letter last week. Hey, Northfield News — little facts like that are important!

Carol, I did disclose to the Northfield News that I’m the Assistant Commissioner of Commerce for Renewable Energy and Advanced Technologies. I don’t know why they didn’t include that with my letter, but it wasn’t for lack of disclosure.

Also, I couldn’t figure out why Mike said that the Transmission Omnibus Bill from Hell “keeps the state on track to have 20 percent of the electric energy used in the state come from renewable energy sources by 2015.” That made NO sense at all to me, and he had this to say about that:

And you’re right, this bill has nothing to do with the Renewable Energy Standard that Aaron Peterson offered on the House floor. What I was referring to in my note to the paper is that, given: 1) the current amount of renewable energy supplied to Minnesotans; 2) the amount of renewable energy Xcel is required to provide to their customers; and 3) the amount of renewable energy that Minn utilities are expected to provide to their customers under the state’s Renewable Energy Objective, we’re already on track to have 20% of our electric energy generated by renewable sources by 2015.

Welcome back from vacation, Mike!!!

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    Thanks, Carol!

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