CAMP at the Fair

August 19th, 2006


Citizens Against the Mesaba Project is at the Itasca County Fair through tomorrow. Do stop by and check out their booth in the heart of the fairgrounds on the north end of Grand Rapids. Stop by and get your lawn signs and order your own personal copy of Excelsior’s application for their site permit and/or the Power Purchase Agreement!

There were Micheletti sightings at the Fair on Thursday, both Pat and Tom (Tom was at the Trout Lake Town Board meeting, getting a taste of public opinion of the Mesaba project later that evening). The booth is a candidate magnet — both Ted Lovdahl, who is running for Senate (SD3) against Tom Saxhaug (turn the sound off before clicking his site), and Tom Anzelc, who is running for the House seat 3A left open by Irv Anderson, stopped by. Ted said he’d be doing his homework on this and I promised I’d be testing him regularly. Tom’s already doing his homework and he’s always up for a spirited discussion! Everyone who stopped by had a lot of questions and more than a few opinions. It was a great day at the fair. Maybe today I’ll get to see the horses…

AND MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! Tuesday, the 22nd, is the meeting to let Commerce know what should be covered in the Mesaba Environmental Impact Statement. It s 7 p.m. at the Taconite Community Center. After all, what does Commerce know about an EIS???


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