Goodhue Wind files application

October 26th, 2009

Here we go… Goodhue Wind, LLC has filed an application.

To see the docket, go to and search for docket “08-1233.”

It came in the mail today, and I looked at the service list, and I don’t think these guys are very interested in public relations or being good neighbors.


I’m the only non-industry wonk on the service list, no one, not one of the many people who have expressed interest in this project, not one of the many people in the area who have filed comments on various dockets, not one of the many people who attended the wind meeting in Wanamingo a few months ago, NONE were included on the service list.


Let’s see, they first filed this sucker a year ago… and now they’re getting around to filing an amended application.

I’ll post links here soon…

Goodhue Wind – Amended Application

Application Appendix A-1

Application – Appendix A-2

Application – Appendices B-F

Some of those are pretty big, and the “B-F” wouldn’t reduce, so it’s a link.  Oh well…

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