Camp Wolfgang update

October 15th, 2009


From the Camp Wolfgang phone message, and comments here, all the  sheps have been/are being moved.

Like wow… so many sheps, so little time… and they’re gone off to new homes.

I can’t tell if they still need donations for transport and heartworm.  The phone voicemail is full again, so try email:

windigo1966 [at]

wally [at]

campwolfgang [at]

4 Responses to “Camp Wolfgang update”

  1. Diane McLeod Says:

    Are you saying that all the dogs have been moved except 4? So all are safe except 4????

  2. Carol Says:

    Their Myspace page says all dogs have been placed, as of Thursday at 2 pm, and Wednesday when I called they said they had five left, and the petfinder page is shrinking down to nothing, so it seems to me they’re doing a good job and have it covered.

  3. Angela Says:

    Thanks for the update! Keep it coming as you hear more. Sounds like all the pups will be okay.

  4. With Gratitude Says:

    Just wanted to follow up on this story since Camp Wolfgang’s plight was reported on the news. I found the CW VP’s number in Rice TX and decided to call her office. I spoke to a wonderful woman who confirmed that ALL breeds/dogs were placed. All dogs were either placed with rescue groups or adopted out to families. There is good in the world and I wanted to share this great news with everyone concerned.

    Please do not contact the Ennis rescue site (their mailbox is full anyway). CW is being inundated with thousands of emails and hundredes of phone calls regarding placement but all dogs have found homes and will not be euthanized if it was ever reported. Very good news.

    With Gratitude.

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