… silly me — between the City of Red Wing and these clowns… and this dog… seems they’re mighty uncomfortable and working hard to quash public discussion! As a DFL buddy succinctly put it, “These people should be castrated, bullwhipped, tarred, feathered, ridden out of town on a rail and beaten senseless with a fat hardcover copy of ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism.’ (Although the castration might in some cases seem redundant â?¦ it’s better to be sure.)” Yes, that’d be fun, but I prefer they keep showing their true colors and fear of vox populi! Ain’t the internet grand!!!

7 Responses to “I thought we lived in a democracy…”

  1. MN Campaign Report Says:

    Ah, good, you were referring to Spot. Last I checked there was plenty of public discussion going on on MNCR – about 50 comments worth on the original post. But hey, who am I to dispute an “expert” on democracy?

    You’re being a bit overdramatic here.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Oh, Dog no, I’m not excluding you from this! snort… he’s the dog, you’re the clowns (I know, links are hard to see with this format, maybe I need to underline too).

  3. MN Campaign Report Says:

    Actually I write MNCR, and only me. Spot writes Th Cucking Stool. Get it right. Again, had you actually done some research, you’d know that. But clearly facts aren’t what you are interested in. I find it difficult to believe that a practicing lawyer is so crass in her critiques of other writers who are just as able to perform this research on others before making blanket judgments of their conversational adversaries.

  4. Carol A. Overland Says:

    ummmmm, hello, click on the links, “clowns” is you and crew at mncapaignreport, “dog” is Spotty… seems right to me!

  5. MN Campaign Report Says:

    Never mind.

  6. Minnesota Campaign Report - DFL and MNGOP campaign information, political analysis, and a healthy dose of snarky wonkishness. » Edina Voters Says:

    […] Edina Voters By MNCR Or, “Watch MNCR throw someone under the bus!” I’m going to try to do this post without shredding my integrity on promises not to publish email conversations. No, Virginia, I don’t care what Carol Overland thinks of me. What I can tell you is what was NOT said in my conversations with Julie Risser, Green Party candidate for State Senate in SD41. […]

  7. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Seems to me somebody’s already blown their credibility — and the DFL is watching… but hey, it’s “anonymous” blogging!

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