More interesting/boring crap on the wired… seems that rather than offer a candidate who can walk and talk DFL progressive thought, the DFL whines anonymously that Risser’s candidacy is a Republican plot! Get a grip, folks! It’s time to take a look in the mirror!
Here, from the Daily Kos:

Greens Helping the GOP?

And admittedly cross-posted at Minnesota Campaign Report:

Greens Helping the GOP?

Whoever wrote this has obviously not checked out Andrew Borene’s site as carefully as they checked Risser’s! Take a look at www.andrewborene.com

Andrew says things like:

Health Care

I will work to maintain MinnesotaĆ¢??s high quality of care while making healthcare coverage affordable for all Minnesotans. I will also work on behalf of an aging population that deserves access to affordable prescriptions. I support laws that respect individual healthcare decisions and protect doctors from frivolous lawsuits.

Ummmm… hello, notice that his concern is making “healthcare COVERAGE” affordable, and not making “HEALTHCARE” affordable? And then he adds this gem also from the insurance company and Republican playbook: “I support laws that respect individual healthcare decisions and protect doctors from frivolous lawsuits.” I found this so offensive I asked him to explain it and he couldn’t/wouldn’t. And then there’s his section on Energy — nonexistent.

So who is this saying, “I have full faith and confidence in BoreneĆ¢??s ability to win in Edina,” and then calling him a “progressive?” It’s party politics spoken by a party operative mouthing party line. Try thinking critically, folks! It just might help you win elections!

Can anyone paying even a modicum of attention to politics not be aware of the problems of the DFL, a party running lame candidates in promising districts, running candidates who wouldn’t know a progressive though it if bit them in their DFL ass, a party with “leadership” too busy dirt-digging amongst its own to run an honest campaign? Well, after all, the DFL is the party that supports its Senator from Xcel who amended the Mesaba bill into the Prairie Island Bill for his employer Xcel! (and then he has to spoil it all by demonstrating he has a heart? Article HERE).

If the DFL spent half the time it spends on propaganda and manipulation on candidate development and education, it probably wouldn’t be in the fine mess it’s in.

Hmmmmmmmmmm… I wonder what VanHecke’s up to these days…

2 Responses to “Julie Risser’s got the DFL worried in SD41!”

  1. MN Campaign Report Says:

    That would be me that wrote that. If you want to be taken seriously around here you should do a couple things –

    1. Don’t use the word “admitted” when there’s no wrongdoing to hide. I cross-post to dKos and Polstate.com all the time. Quit bitching about something that isn’t an issue.

    2. I’m not Van Hecke. Do some research and you can figure out who I am – I don’t hide it. I am not a party operative – I previously worked for Steve Kelley’s gubernatorial campaign, and left in October of 2005 to pursue opportunities in the private sector. If you had been so inclined to dive into my archives, you would know this.

    3. Risser worries the DFL not because Borene might lose because of her – she worries the DFL because Geoff Michel might win because of her. What good does that do any of us on the left side of the political spectrum. Oh, and if your reaction is to question my progressive credentials, I would recommend not doing so.

    4. I’ve been in direct contact with Ms. Risser, and we’ve had a solid dialogue, which I will post on later in the day. Until then, kindly cease and desist the gotcha-games.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Oh, don’t worry, I don’t think YOU’RE VanHecke – he knows that CFBoard reports aren’t due yet.

    You’re telling me to cease & desist? oh, good idea… snort!!!

    ps – you might want to check with Steve Kelley about me – he’d not have forgotten the last time I testified in Energy when he blasted the Excelsior yahoos, and I sure haven’t forgotten and that’s why I support him for AG.

    You also might want to check with Wendy Wilde — and Mike Hatch is also acquainted with my Shep and my work…

    cease and desist… right…

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