Hot off the press from a happy CAMPer… this meeting was great, standing room only, and I still haven’t figured out how to upload photos…

From Business North magazine, thanks to publicity czarina Charlotte Neigh:

Camp provides information about Mesaba Project

On July 25th more than 100 people attended an informational program at the Grand Rapids Library sponsored by Citizens Against the Mesaba Project, a group of local concerned citizens.

The featured speaker was Ross Hammond, P.E., who is serving as technical advisor to CAMP. He explained the complex technology involved in gasifying coal and using the gas to generate electricity. Continuous problems have been experienced at the Wabash River plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, which is the model for the plant proposed by Excelsior Energy to be built in Itasca County near the Scenic Highway. Hammond expects many operational problems with the Mesaba plant, which would be more than twice as big. Hammond also pointed out that sequestration of carbon dioxide, a primary benefit of this technology, would not be possible on the site due to its geology.

… and here’s the rest of the story! CAMP news release 7-30-06.pdf

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