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Anyway, finally, here’re the Discovery responses about the Mesaba G519 study that says they have to cut 675MW of wind in SW MN, that the Big Stone II generation must be “kept in North Dakota” and more, but MP’s response isn’t in yet. Here’s the G519 study link. I’d asked each affected party, Big Stone II partners, Xcel, Minnesota Power and Excelsior about cost impacts of the generation cuts and limitations that the Stability Study calls for.

Here’s the Big Stone II partners responses to my questions about cost impact of “keeping generation in ND” which of course they knew nothing about until now:

Big Stone II Response to MCGP Discovery I.pdf

Big Stone II Response to MCGP Discovery I – Exhibit 1-C.pdf

Here’s Excelsior’s responses to my questions about redirecting BSII generation:

Excelsior Response to MCGP Big Stone II First IR-3.pdf

And here’s Xcel’s response about cost of cutting 675MW, i.e., curtailment payments, if Mesaba is connected and 675MW of wind from SW MN is cut:

Xcel Response to MCGP-001-002.pdf

Minnesota Power’s responses are on the way someday soon, they asked for an extension.

Now, if I can just figure out how to upload pictures, I can post some of last Tuesday’s CAMP meeting, which was a great success. Standing room only on a hot and muggy night in Grand Rapids — people want to hear about the Mesaba project and ask questions!

If you have questions about Excelsior’s Mesaba project, you can try their site, Excelsior Energy, and for even more, see www.mncoalgasplant.com.  Citizens Against the Mesaba Project (CAMP) is under construction but open for business at www.camp-site.info.

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  1. John Salera Says:

    Great Site!

    After looking over yours and the camp sites, I’m trying to get a grasp of what exactly is going on here. Not all the documents are openening here (which could be my pc).

    Are you saying the electrical power company, or the state, are deliberately scuttling windfarms in favor of this plant?

    I’m very inerested in this and, with your permission would like to post on this and link back here. Especially if wind power is being scuttled for this project. But I need more understanding.

    Thank you,

    John Salera

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