Why is Coleman a toady for Mesaba? Time for a new Senator!
Citizens Against the Mesaba Project is unveiling CAMP and holding an informational meeting on Tuesday.


July 25, 2006 at 7 p.m.

Grand Rapids Public Library

Do join us for this informational meeting about Excelsior Energy’s proposed coal gasification power plant.

  • What are the real costs? (and what about those unreal costs!)
  • Is this technology reliable?
  • What are the real economic benefits?
  • What infrastructure exists/is needed at the Scenic Highway site?
  • Why is the power of eminent domain granted to a private company?
  • Why is this project exempted from the typical review process?
  • What are the environmental and health effects?
  • What can a concerned citizen do?

Featured speaker, Ross Hammond, P.E. Ross is an energy consultant, a Board Member of Fresh Energy (formerly ME3), and has over 30 years in the industry. He was NSP’s Director of Environmental Affairs, manager of NSP’s Riverside coal plant, and another in Australia, and he worked in transmission too! And yes, his father and my father built coal plants together!
And don’t forget that Thursday is the PUC meeting where they will address Comments received regarding cost issues and decide whether they want to amend their prior Order in the Mesaba cost docket. It will probably be one of the best PUC meetings this decade!

And Thursday or Friday, who knows, we’re waiting to find out, it’s Xcel’s Motion to Extend Deadlines, because Excelsior is dragging their feet, stalling, won’t turn stuff over and we spend all our time fighting to get access to information — seems Xcel is being perfectly reasonable. GASP!!! (isn’t GASP an anti-coal group?)

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