Here comes 1,620 miles of bulk power transmission for export — the start of it is through Red Wing, going from “Brookings, SD” (though it starts way further out west) and going to LaCrosse (though it goes way further into WI than that, DUH!). Here’s a map:

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Here’s a blog link with a map of the eastern part of this big line.
Here’s another blog link with ATC plan for big picture.
This is the start of too many miles of transmission projects through Minnesota, 1,620 miles and thousands of landowners affected. They don’t even list the PI paper for notice…

Notice Plan Comments are due today. Send to:

Burl Haar
Exec. Dir.
121 – 7th Place E.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Fax: 651-297-7073

Notice Plan is available here:

Attached is my Comment on the western part of this line, and I’ll just be cut and pasting and making slight alterations for this. Dig the map of what they’re proposing for Prairie Island, and they leave the new subdivision in Red Wing off of the southern edge of the map. Funny how that works…

Here are CapX2020 links, and I’ve attached a pdf of the CapX2020 Vision Thang, but careful, you might lose your breakfast.


Project Group I

Project Group I includes approximately 600 miles of 345-kilovolt lines, connecting Minnesota with North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin and a smaller 230-kilovolt line in the Bemidji area. These projects are estimated to cost approximately $1.3 billion.

Year Description

2011 CapX Bemidji-North Central MN / 230 kV

2011 CapX Southeast Twin Cities-Rochester-La Crosse / 345kV

2012 CapX Brookings, S.D.-Southeast Twin Cities / 345 kV

2012 CapX Fargo-St. Cloud/Monticello Area / 345kV

Project Group II â?? Around the Twin Cities

Project Group II schedule to be announced

Project Group III â?? Remote Generation Outlet

Project Group III schedule to be announced

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