I’ve been spending a lot of time in Waseca, and at a time when there’s a power plant proposed, when County government is making decisions about exempting the power plant from $2.5 million in taxes, yes, that’s $2.5 MILLION, and there’s a Mankato TV crew at the Waseca County Board meeting — what are they covering? They’re covering the disappearing “420” signs… 420 signs are disappearing as fast as the county can put them up. As soon as that agenda item is up, and before the power plant issue takes center stage, he packs up his gear and leaves! Utterly clueless! These disappearing 420 signs are the priority of our “media?” And you wonder why this society is so damn vacuous?

Here it is in the STrib today:

Cannabis connotation makes some rural road signs vanish

Here are articles from the Waseca County News:

Bringing out the Neighbors

Still undecided (2nd Letter to Editor, scroll down)

420 Ave. gets new number

What’s the deal with 420?

Nancy Prehn was driving down to Waseca the other day and there was the Channel 5 TV crew at 420 Ave., so she had a chat with them about power plants and groundwater contamination. Nope, that’s not their interest, they want the scoop on the 420 signs! Seven billion cubic feet of gas stored under Blooming Grove Township isn’t news? Kissing goodbye $2.5 million in county tax revenue isn’t news?

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