Yes, it’s here. Yes, transmission is coming, three lines in the Red Wing area, and here are the first two:

1) SW Minnesota to “Hampton Corner” or Prairie Island
The first is the one from SW Minnesota to “southeastern Twin Cities,” and the Notice Plan has been filed.
To find info on this, go to the PUC site,, and click on eDockets and enter the docket number “06-857.”

Notice Plan Comments were probably due at the end of the month, but you can send Reply Comments, QUICK, NOW, to:

Dr. Burl Haar

PUC, 121 E 7th St., Suite 350, St. Paul, MN 55101-2147

2) “Twin Cities” to Rochester to LaCrosse

The second one affecting the Red Wing Area was called “Prairie Island to Rochester to LaCrosse” and now it’s called “Twin Cities” to Rochester to LaCrosse. We’ll see what that means, and from the maps, it’s anybody’s guess.

There’s no PUC docket number. What I received was the Notice Plan, and comments are due at the PUC by 4:30 p.m. on July 21, 2006.

To get copy of Notice Plan and a lot of cute but confusing maps (aren’t transmission lines all connected??? Very strange) and one that has the 345kV line going right through the Prairie Island Administration Building. Right, good plan there… and that map has TWO lines doing a scenic tour of the reservation. Why???

Anyway, to get a copy of the Notice Plan call Xcel, Mary Martinka (612) 330-6737.

I checked Xcel’s Transmission site and neither of these are listed.

3) Chisago Project

Just for yucks, here’s the other one I got in the mail, the Chisago Project is being revived. Don’t they get it’s brain dead? ME3 used to have the archives, but that’s all gone now… sob… and that Chisago substation is connected to the third one coming to Red Wing, the Chisago-Red Rock-Prairie Island line.

Have we had enough of transmission for today?

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