I’ve heard he’s at Xcel, which given Pawlenty and WOW would not be that much of a change, but can it really be?

Yes, it is true, Mike Bull now works at Xcel Energy, confirmed by two independent sources and then confirmed by Mikey himself!  All I can say is, “Oh… my…” and shake my head in amazement.

I preferred speculating about what he might be doing:

Maybe he’s trying to get Pawlenty’s energy program on track?

Maybe he’s on maternity leave?

Maybe he’s at MISO with cohort Ed Garvey?

Maybe he’s high-tailed it to Costa Rica where they’ve got sensible energy policy?

Maybe he’s in the klink for corruption?

Maybe he’s at Commerce again trying to fix that hopeless Dogforsaken mess?

Maybe he’s out east to knock some “sense” into those transmission negative-nellies?

Maybe he’s in a cabin in the mountains writing the scandalous tell-all?

Maybe he’s at Briggs & Morgan selling/redeeming his soul?

Maybe he’s home house-training their new puppy?

Working for WOW made no sense at all, but now what?

Xcel????  Into the bowels of the devil itself, hard to get worse than WOW but … oh… my… this is worse…

… pass the barf bag…


2 Responses to “So where did Mikey Bull go?”

  1. Mike Bull Says:

    Yes, it’s true… going on two months now!

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Sorry, I’m slow… hmmmmm, my Xcel stats have been down, though, DOWN! Sorry, but I’m still speechless, still disbelieving the WOW stint, and now this?

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