From Randy – and thanks for the site cites!

Gee, do you think good ol’ Cariboo would appreciate it if the good
citizens of Red Wing realized that their coffee dollars were going to
the middle east?

The urban legends investigation site,, confirms the claim
that “An Islamic bank is the majority owner of the Caribou Coffee
chain.” You can see their report here
(Be sure when you read the report that you read the whole report as
the claim shown at the top of the page is outdated.)

The corporate information publisher, Hoovers, a Dun and Bradstreet
company, reports that “Bahrain-based investment group Arcapita owns
60% of Caribou Coffee.” Here’s that report!

Your oil money at work!

Cariboo is publically traded on the NASDAQ. That means your pension
funds and 401Ks are putting up the money that is used by Cariboo to
compete with local merchants who have to put up their own money, take
out a second mortgage or take out a bank loan in order to finance
their business. They essentially have a loan from just about everyone
that they never have to pay back and that they never have to pay
interest on.

Is it any wonder that local businesses find it hard to

Here’s the NASDAQ Caribou poop

Here’s a report showing the top 5 owners of Caribou

Here’s their filings. 10-Q? 10-4!

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