Ken & Krie hit the road!

March 29th, 2009

Oh, it’s a very sad day… the $1,000 Subaru Legacy chewed up its front differential, sounded like a cement mixer 1/4 full of rocks, was seizing up, what a mess, but at least it wasn’t too far from home, well, Delaware home, that is, but now the Dogaru ist kaput, history, nothing but a lifeless dog kennel on wheels… sob… but a year-and-a-half and 40k for $1,000, can’t really complain.

So now, out here we’re stuck with the Toyota van from hell, overheats regularly, back bearing has been bad for what… over two years now… but full sheets of plywood fit in it, and it’s great for hauling the big piles of  shreds of the roof tear-off to the dump, and the grrrrrrrls love it, so today we went to the flea market to drop off a few of their fleas on consignment!




See the daffydils in the background of the first one, and the crab pots on the trailer across the street in the third photo!  Guess where we are?

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  1. pitbull friend Says:

    Awww, who wouldn’t want fleas from these beauties? Just stopped in to say “Illegitimi non carborundum, baby.”


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