I know it was a problem with the short lattice structures used for wind turbines in the old days, but when I was going up Co. Rd. 10 in Itasca, I saw two eagle nests in the H-frames along the road. One was small, but one was pretty hefty. TRANSMISSION? (next time I’ll bring my camera — maybe there will be chicks?)

Utility workers destroying Monk Parakeet nest
from Invasive Species Weblog

Then, when I’m trying to find another editorial about Dick Day’s putting his wife and Tom Neuville’s son on the payroll and failure to document state and federal withholding in Campaign Finance reports, I see this article in the Mankato paper today: “Texas utility tries to foil parakeet nests,” and so I dug a bit… It’s not just eagles on transmission towers, it’s monk parakeets too. Don’t be suprised if you think the birds are perching on your shoulder, some of these sites have great birdcalls. Krie agrees!


Here’s the best: Florida Monk Parakeet Nesting Substrates

The eagles nest looked like this but one was four or five times this size!

Next time you’re headed up Co. Rd. 10, going north from Warba, check out the eagle nests! Yeah, that goes for you, too, all you Excelsior folks!


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