Offer of Proof filed today

March 2nd, 2009


Looks like Xcel fried my NoCapX site, eh?  Just like my computer the afternoon before the Chisago hearing started…  Anyway, I can’t get anything to upload, so I’ll do it here and link over there.

NoCapX 2020 had filed a Motion to reopen the hearing when the news came out that utilities were seeing an unprecedented drop in demand… it was denied, BUT, there was this opening:

NoCapX may file an offer of proof if it has newly obtained evidence that calls into question the Applicants’ peak demand forecasting. The offer of proof will be included in the record and forwarded to the Commission in the event that it chooses to review it.

So today I got that filed:

Offer of Proof – NoCapX 2020

Affidavit of Overland

Exhibit A-Wall Street Journal – Surprise Drop in Power Use

Exhibit B – Xcel Investor Annual Summary

Exhibit C – Otter Tail Corporation – SEC 10K

Exhibit D – EIA – Electric Power Monthly, Chap 5

Exhibit E – 2008 NERC Reliability Assessment

And now, on to Exceptions to the ALJ Recommendation

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