For a change, I saw these guys first — usually they’re flying hooves over head after they’ve been up close and personal with my grill. This is a big improvement for all of us!


I’m still working on my CLE whirlwind tour of Minnesota, and last stop — Grand Marais! (thankfully I didn’t do it the way these guys did!) I haven’t been here for decades, since I went up here with “Mr. Moose” to the family cabin on Lake Superior and visited with relatives in Grand Marais. I think they had a shop, and someone in the family was an artist (art teacher too?) and were part of the arts community there, but my memory is awfully foggy. In town, it’s apparent the importance of tourism to the local economy. Here’s a Calendar of Events in Grand Marais.

Here’s the Taconite Harbor Energy Center, owned by Minnesota Power:


The taconite industry, second behind electrical generation, is a leader in mercury emissions, and the industry has been targeted for emissions reduction.

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