Schou Substation 1a.jpg
Deere Engine Sub – Cedar Falls, IA

And yet another step towards Cedar Falls Utilities’ Waterloo. I’d served MAPP with a subpoena to get at the real capacity of the 161kV line in front of Diane and Bert Schou’s home in Cedar Falls. Why? Because the CFU engineer testified over and over that it was a 33MW line. So my first clue was his reference to “MW” when he should be talking about “MVA.” But more importantly, the Chicago Project, reconfigured to 115kV and then 161kV on the Wisconsin side of the river, was 868MVA, an example of a typical line, and it’s “just a tad bit” more than 33MW (MW is “essentially” MVA, but not quite). So I served a subpoena on Chuck Tyson, who’d handled the one back during the SW MN 345kV case. He grimaced, rolled his eyeballs, and settled in for another journey through MAPP files. A few short days later, he called to schedule a time to go over what he’d found on this CFU line.

Here’s the poop: it’s a 329 MVA line! No suprise, but it is not even close to the testimony of the utility. See for yourself, here’s the MAPP Form 1. It’s the second line, the CFU Union Sub — and go over to the right to the MVA column — ta – da… 329! Download file
(might have to turn this around)

Here’s their “engineer’s” testimony about the capacity of the line: View image

We’re assuredly having fun now!

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