What does it mean? Yesterday, I received two Orders from the Polk County District Court, first the expected denial of Cedar Falls Utilities Motion for Sanctions against me and acceptance of CFU as an Intervenor in the case. The second was a Scheduling Order, with a briefing schedule and a date for oral argument — but because we were in court on Friday at too early o’clock for a hearing on the Iowa Utilities Board’s Motion to Dismiss, and there wasn’t an Order about that Motion, I’m not about to start jumping up and down in victory… BUT maybe, just maybe, this is the door opening and we really will be writing briefs and having oral arguments… maybe there is a Dog!!! Maybe the Order denying IUB’s Motion is in the mail (and to think that CFU and IUB’s attorneys wanted me to do the hearing off the record — I don’t think so!).

Here’re the Orders from yesterday:

Order Denying Sanctions Download file

Scheduling Order Download file

Ivan Webber.jpg
Cedar Falls Utilities’ attorney Ivan Webber — he may have goofy ideas about how to conduct a hearing, but he’s written some good articles and editorials.

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