Feeling like a mushroom?

March 20th, 2006

Mushrooms growing on bed of compost

It’s no coincidence when they’re constantly keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit! This quote came across the wire a while back and as I’m cleaning out the inbox, I realize it’s too good to toss away… it says too much about this great free country of ours…

Victoria Toensing.jpg

“The American people don’t have a constitutional right to know doodly-doo.”

— Victoria Toensing, ex-prosecutor, on PBS NOW 3/17/2006.

It’s the norm in Washington:

Victoria Toensing failed to disclose friendship with “No Disclosure” Novak in Wash. Post op-ed

It’s election season again, it’s the legislative session, the courthouse is open most days, and it’s always vocalization season. So enough complaining and whining — what are YOU DOING?

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