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Party faithful were met with a startling scenario at the Northfield Caucus — NO LARGE GROUP MEETING! No rousing, insprational showing of DFL strength, no introduction of all the candidates to the cheers of loyal DFLers, no opportunities for candidates to show what they’re made of, nothing, nada… just shuffle everyone off into their little precinct rooms. Whatever were they thinking? What’s worse is that they got away with it! Lucky for them, I was in Red Wing, sharing a table with Steve Murphy and his manager and others.

Hero of the Day – Charlie Kyte is one who
took the bullshit by the horns…
maybe he should be running…

If four, FOUR, House and Senate candidates cannot work together, sieze the opportunity, commandeer the situation, gather the crowd, and STAND UP…

sheep at Rawhitiroa_edited.jpg

One Response to “Northfield’s DFL Caucus – of petty tyrants and sheep…”

  1. Victor Summa Says:

    Carol: this is Kiffi, not victor… I have never been to a caucus before, and I will never go again! The thing I most dislike about MN, and Minnesotans is their split personality… they want to be on the correct side of things, but MUST stay within the STRICT guidelines of authority, Translates to what I call the Immigrant/peasant attitude of “foment in secret, but always give in to the ‘landlord’, or else we will only get a piece of herring for Christmas dinner,not even a small piece of pork” I know that’s presumptive and snotty but that’s what I think is a controlling dynamic here. I’ll go on and on in person, sometime… You’re right! Baaaaaaaa!

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