Come on over to the Cow and meet Sharon Marko

Monday, March 6 @ 7 p.m.
Contented Cow in Northfield – before Nordic Jam!
302 Division St. So. (down the stairs toward the river)
Northfield, MN

State Sen. Sharon Marko is running for Congress in the Second Congressional District — the seat that covers both of my ‘homes’ in southern Minnesota. Yes, she’s against the war in Iraq, without a doubt, but it’s the “more” that sold me! I’m supporting her in this race because she’s got extensive policy experience from her terms in the state House and Senate. I want my Representative to know about a broad range of policy issues, and though it’s impossible for any candidate to have the breadth of knowledge on energy issues that I demand (but her father was a nuclear research physicist!), she’s got a solid history in education and local government, transportation and taxation.

From her site at

A veteran of the Minnesota Legislature, Sharon has represented families in Dakota and Washington counties since 1995 and is a leader on education and transportation issues. Sharon sits on the important Senate committees including the K-12 Education Finance Division serving as vice chair, and the Transportation Budget and Policy Committee.

And from the Northfield News article “Marko seeks DFL endorsement” this quote:

Marko, who visited Northfield Tuesday during a campaign swing, said her No. 1 reason for running was the nation’s mounting national debt.

“When the programs are finished, the debt service continues on,” she said. “… My children and grandchildren in the future will be paying our debt down the road. … The net interest on the debt … makes the budget priorities of education, homeland security and veterans pale in comparison. This is something we should all be concerned about.”

Marko was elected to the state Senate in 2002 after having served eight years in the Minnesota House. According to her campaign, she “supports making health care more affordable, investing in education to keep America competitive and ending the culture of corruption that has gripped Congress.”

Marko describes herself as a a “fiscal conservative” and says she would seek Medicare reform including ending the current law prohibiting the federal government from negotiating for the lowest price with drug companies. She also has criticized the No Child Left Behind Act, and its “failure to meet the needs of public school studentsin Minnesota.”

Stop by the Cow and say hello and let her know what you think about those burning issues and find out what she’s all about!

For sure I’ll be taking advantage of the opportunity to twist her arm and bend her ear about that stadium…


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