Drying out the morning after, and then “entertaining,” so got ready for scattered showers (that thankfully didn’t happen). Got the Sherpa off the porch and consolidated everything and all is well:

Last rites for the screen tent, two poles bent/broken. Alan thinks it could be fixed but last time we were camp hosting it also went flying, 60+ mph winds at Myre-Big Island State Park, so I’m think it’s got to be culled from the rotation. It’s handy to cover the table in the sun and somewhat in light rain, but for torrential rainfall and WIND, forget it!

Office for a day… am I getting anything done? Naaaaaaah, computer isn’t able to connect in a meaningful way, so waiting for a sunny day:

But gotta get that table covered, and help arrived — THANKS Suzanne & Bill — and it’s done. Does that tarp make my table look fat??

A good thing about AB Camping (oh NOOO, Bruno died out on a camp!), Lone Wolf 902, Abel & Victoria, and Camping with Steve… oh, don’t forget about Mav, anyway, they’re all about the HOW-TO of putting up tarps. Note the stump accessory on the left!

Gotta be at least 50 birders every morning, and this afternoon, twelve vultures circling and two lunching in the front yard, and then a few getting into a tussle over the main course:

And no matter the weather, somebody loves camping:

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