Bear’s den, from Superior Broadcast’s Nick Vander Puy

In Wisconsin, the sleeping giants stop the Arrowhead transmission line! That’s THE bear, above.

Here’s Nick Vander Puy’s story with photos

And here he is doing an interview for the story

From WCCO:

Snoozing bears block power line project

(AP) Ladysmith, Wis. A hibernating bear and her cubs could delay construction of a power transmission line from Wausau, Wis., to Duluth, Minn. — at least for a little while.

The bears’ den is about 115 feet from the right-of-way for the transmission line near Ladysmith, Wis. The Department of Natural Resources wants the line’s builder, American Transmission, to wait until mid-April to start bulldozing there.

The company has agreed to wait for at least a week, and the two sides will meet in the coming days to discuss the issue.

State biologist Mark Schmidt says if bulldozers startle the hibernating mother bear, she could bolt and leave her cubs.

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