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Yesterday’s meeting up here in Grand Rapids at the DFL Progressive Caucus got off to an auspicious start — Tom Micheletti couldn’t get his Power Point and computer cooperating, so Linda Castagneri gladly offered her techinical assistance, demonstrating the importance of our electrical mantra, “It’s all connected.” After Micheletti gave a preliminary survey of his presentation, he opened it up to questions as he went, and several instantly raised their hands, including me with a grin! He stared at me and stated that “I’m not taking any questions from Carol!” Really, he said that in public! The Duluth KBJR Ch.11 news crew was there, and I hope they captured it for posterity! His objections? He said:

1) He said that I was an attorney representing people on this. Ummmm, he’s an attorney representing his firm on this? Ja, your point? (CLICK HERE and type in “Micheletti” and “Thomas”).

2) He said that I was from (gasp!) RED WING! Hey, isn’t he from Long Lake? Ja, your point? (CLICK HERE and type in “519 Ferndale”).

He said he’d take questions from anyone from the area, but not from me! Hey, Tom, I represent people from the area, people right next to the proposed Mesaba site! OK, fine… whatever… but of course I got my two cents in anyway.

And as if his saying that once wasn’t enough, he said it a second time, again addressing me by name and prohibiting me from asking questions! What a hoot! He should well know the impact of statements like that! Not long after, Rep. Loren Solberg got up from his seat near one of the organizers and sat right behind me! And it wasn’t because he wanted to discuss anything, he tried to shush me! Too funny! I wonder if that’s because they’d warned beforehand that Micheletti was NOT to get any “difficult questions.” How absurd. Is it that Tom’s not able to handle anything but easy questions, or that there are questions that are too challenging to the project to have the public hear, much less consider? What are they afraid of?

Someone who was present called a friend this morning and said it was “obvious he was afraid of me” and that “he was rude.” A couple of people came up to me afterward offering support, distressed by his behavior, and were concerned that I might be offended. Nope, not at all. I thought it was hilarious!

This was one of the best meetings I’ve been to in a long time. The folks there did a great job asking questions, logical and important questions that were probably “difficult” and I’ll detail that after I get home to RED WING (gasp!), but in the meantime, ponder, WHAT IS MICHELETTI AFRAID OF?

And also in the meantime, check out the coal gasification market penetration scheme, it’s BRILLIANT!

Volume 1

Volume 2

Note the scenarios that they recommend, not a greenfield site from scratch like Mesaba, but coal gasification in conjunction with chemical production or in conjunction with conversion of “distressed” natural gas assets or traditional coal as was done at Wabash River. Huh, you’d think after all of Julie Jorgensen’s NRG experience with natural gas “distressed assets” they could find a good deal on a few!

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