Here we go again!!! It’s Xcel Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan — like the previous one that “gave” us the MN Energy CONnection! Integrated Resource Plan … it’s complicated. It’s a LOT. But it is very important to wade through all of this because this is Xcel Energy’s wishful thinking, which is often divorced from reality.

To access the filings, go to the PUC’s eDockets link HERE, and click “Go to eDockets” again, and land here:

For “Docket Number” select “24” (the year”) and plug in “67” under “Number” and click the search button.

Yes, it’s a LOT. But I guarantee there is something in all that which will pique your interest!

Of interest to Red Wing folks, and City of Red Wing and Prairie Island Indian Community specifically, Goodhue County too, is this, Chapter 4, p. 10 of 24:

My major concern is the sudden uptick, or upSHOOT, in its peak demand projections. We know how off they were, and to go from 0.2 to -0.2% annually to this 1.8% to 2%? Nope, ain’t happening. their overall energy projections could increase, as they say, due to EV and other factors, but EV is typically off peak, and with all the “efficiency” and “demand response” (in “quotes” because it isn’t nearly enough, isn’t nearly what’s possible and practical), there’s just no way. And don’t forget the absurd 2.49% of CapX 2020 when they wanted to justify spending billions on transmission to facilitate bulk power transfer. Equally unforgettable was Commerce-DER’s Steve Rakow’s absurd attempt to prove that the decrease in demand we were seeing was, as Xcel Energy said, just a blip — and we knew, and now have proof, that he and Xcel Energy were so off base, intentionally it would seem, there’s no other explanation. From

Xcel Energy is claiming the “Sherco gen-tie” project is “needed,” but their link is off — they say “We filed the Certificate of Need in March 2023. You can review it here.” but nooooo… good luck with that:

Perhaps that’s because their REVISED CoN application was filed in May? Site hasn’t been updated? But that’s so unlike Xcel, they’re usually really on top of things. They’ll fix that soon.

Anyway, we know the MN Energy CONnection is WANTED, DESIRED, but not “needed.” It’s all about keeping its “valuable transmission interconnection rights.” Minnesota and Xcel energy policy is NOT “need.”

This new filing is about their “need” looking out to 2040! To do this, let’s start with a close look at their peak demand over the last 20+ years that I’ve been tracking it through their SEC filings:


Now, what about this new Integrated Resource Plan? It’s not on Xcel Energy’s website, so here it is:

That’s just the “narrative,” 202 pages, and the appendices, they go on and on and on…

Oh yeah, it’s a lot to wade through (I’ll need a new printer drum to deal with this.) What I recommend is to start with the “narrative” at the top there, and “term search” for what you’re interested in. For me, it’s always about “need.” There’s lots to dig into:

Energy demand? HA! I think they plot these graphs on a bar napkin! see IRP Chapter 1, p. 7 of 15:

And when it comes to peak demand, what a load, IRP Chapter 3, page 2 of 29:

And from the IRP, previous page, Chapter 3, 3 of 29:

SNORT OUT LOAD!! How absurd!

Once more with feeling — Xcel’s demand has been flat, highest peak ever was 2006, and it’s not gone that high since:

Yes, 2022 is the latest report, but we’ll have another any day now when they have their annual report with 2023 SEC 10-K. They say 9,309 in 2024 — and in 2023? Still looking for it.

Let’s take some time and find out what it is they want now!

The IRP is on the Commission’s agenda THIS THURSDAY, February 8th.

Here are staff briefing papers — the issues are listed above, and here are staff comments:

FYI – hot off the press is Commerce-DER request for modeling info. GOOD! Maybe they’re paying attention to that absurd 1.8% increase in peak demand!

Thursday’s meeting doesn’t seem a big deal for the Commission, but it might be worth listening in, click on “Webcast” — it’s first on the agenda — Commissioners may have some interesting comments:

Agenda MTG
Large Hearing Room, 121 7th Place E, Suite 350, St. Paul, MN 55101
Thu, Feb 8, 10am
Meeting Details
Live Webcast
Viewing Instructions
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