Little Bro’ David always sends photos, he’s a self-described dyslexic boob who can’t write, except at a keyboard he’s actually always good for a hoot or snort, anyway, some days it’s transmission towers in the desert, other days it’s a backhoe and bobcat and huge pumps he’s fixing at the resort. Today he and Kim went to Oatman and it’s jackasses on parade… no, she’s not in the photos! Maybe it’s a political statement, he hung out with Kelly Doran for Governor as a kid.



Here’s the most recent digging in the dirt photos – the latest project (something tells me the date is off on the camera) at Islander RV Resort. He keeps asking me if I want a job, I guess they need somebody to haul the dirt away, but he’s got a CDL too. Maybe he wants me to set up cabanas or put boats in the water — I know he won’t let me chase coyotes with the golf cart, that’s HIS job.

31-34 Cove  (2-06) 001.jpg

31-34 Cove  (2-06) 002.jpg

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  1. mikey Says:

    Dave has always been an ass man but this is carrying it a bit too far..I love his ” dirt ” pics but feel he just likes to drive that cat way too much…Mikey

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