Today was Eagle Day!

February 2nd, 2024

Today we were heading home from Mayo (again) and just north of Zumbrota’s edge were three eagles having brunch! Couldn’t tell what it was, but it was large, likely a deer. They were really going at it, seemed fresh and very red!! There’s one waiting for them just a few hundred feet down the road in a ditch, so they’ll be there a while at the roadside smorgasbord. As I was getting into a better spot for a photo, one flew up and away, heading to the trees in the background.

Then, after getting a few photos of our garbage burner…

… I went down to the water plant to turn around, and we saw two eagles flying around along the river’s edge, and then across. After turning around, heading back to the burner, there were two more in the trees!

This is one thing I really like about living here in Red Wing! SEVEN eagles seen without really trying. If we’d focused along the river some more, there were more around for sure.

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