Following in former Rep. Hagedorn’s footsteps, “our” Rep. Brad Finstad has taken another dive off the deep end, and signed on to an Amicus Brief arguing that the 14th Amendment does not restrict tRump from running again, from holding office again. I’ve check his official “Rep.” page, and his fb page, and he’s not bragging about this, or another view, he’s not letting us know!

Look at this, “America First Legal Foundation,” though not counsel of record:

URP! These “America First” yahoos, do people not know what “America First” means?

America First today

Steve Miller?? Gag me with a maggot:

And back to the Amicus Brief. It’s not only “our” Rep. Finstad, but also Minnesota Reps. Emmer, Fischbach, and Stauber who signed on.

They are NOT representing many of us in the 1st Congressional District or Minnesota.

Let “our” Rep. Finstad know if you care about this:

Or you can send missive via his contact page: CONTACT REP. BRAD FINSTAD

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